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2020 October Virtual Talk

  • 26 Oct 2020
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Creating Conditioned Volumes, Attributes and Stratal Domain Transformation Processes to Resolve Structure and Identify Stratigraphic Elements in Examples from Gulf Coast Cotton Valley and Other Basins 

Coerte Voorhies, III

EdgeSeis LLC InsightEarth Technology Consultant


InsightEarth software technology utilizes volume visualization and advanced algorithm post processing to identify subtle structure and stratigraphic edges in 3D seismic amplitude SGY data.  Consulting project interpretation objectives are met by employing several structural and stratigraphic workflow processes that apply to varied basin depositional systems.

The seismic volume is conditioned in the initial workflow process by eliminating acquisition footprint and random noise from 3D data resulting in improved amplitude coherency through removal of the constructive and destructive interferences yielding the correct interpretation of horizons and geo-bodies (salt, channel and porosity distribution).  The interpreted horizons, the conditioned amplitude volume and the conditioned structural and stratigraphic attribute volumes are transformed into a stratal domain by creating volumes of paleo-surface stratal slices to obtain an accurate structure interpretation and to visualize the stratigraphy.  Structural relationships are corrected in the time domain volume and a new stratal domain volume is generated to ultimately create horizontal events (stratal slices) that display paleo-depositional surfaces.

Additional interpretation modules cover vertical and horizontal salt and create 3D triangulated mesh salt models with well-defined salt/sediment interfaces.  The Fault/Fracture/Porosity module workflow provides precise fault and fracture patterns and a porosity indicating seismic attribute that delineates porosity in carbonate rocks.

Structure and stratigraphic elements that are usually difficult to interpret are resolved through use of interpretation processes.  CGG InsightEarth modules of acquisition footprint removal, accurate attribute creation, fault/fracture/porosity delineation, 3D stratal domain volume conversion and 3D salt model imaging combine to produce a powerful technology for any project geologic interpretation of 3D seismic SGY data.


Coerte is a geophysical and geological interpreter with over thirty years of international and domestic experience.  Coerte is an expert user of the CGG InsightEarth® 3D Visualization, Processing and Interpretation Software Technology and is currently providing InsightEarth® consulting services as EdgeSeis LLC (713-397-5059).  He holds a Master of Science (M.S.) in Geology from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.  He is a SIPES member, GSH member and is a professional geoscientist in Texas.

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